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Tidbit Tuesday-Materials For Your Driveway Part 2

Last week we spoke materials for your driveway. That post was on Slag and Crushed Concrete for your driveway. If you missed it click here . This week we are going to talk about Limestone Road Base and GS100.

Limestone Road Base is one that is pretty well known. It has been one of our best sellers for many years. It compact well. It makes a pretty driveway. Here are some pictures so you know what it looks like.

limestone roadbase

This is a finished driveway. It turns out very pretty. The color is nice. I really can't complain about this limestone.

I will talk about the down side to limestone these days though. This picture was taken probably a year to a year and half ago.

We don't sell much limestone at the moment. The price of most materials have sky rocketed. With inflation, vendors had to compensate for fuel and other items that have gone up. That being said every person that handles any material, and we are normally the third or fourth person to handle it, has to go up some.

The other downside to limestone road base at the moment is where it is being shipped from. For a long time we were getting it and it was a pretty white color. That is because the quarry from where it was being dug from was that color. That quarry shut down for the time being so the material is being dug out from some somewhere else. It is a little more orangy then before. Look below.

limestone road base

As you can see it is not completely orange. I just like to let everyone know that it is not the same white color it was before. There are still several people that order and love the overall compaction and look of the material.

Next is GS100. I will say it on here, just like I would tell a customer that is asking for my advice in person. GS100 is the one I would suggest. The overall look of it is nice. Everyone does not care about the color of it. But if you want a white driveway, this would be the way to go. The compaction of it is great! The price is more reasonable then the limestone road base. And yes GS100 is a road base. Road base is something that has rocks and fines in it. It is not just loose gravel. I don't really have anything negative to say about his material. Look at some pictures below.


Look how pretty that is! Below is the before picture.

Before GS100

We went in and cut out any of the grass and put in the GS100.

If you have any questions about these are any other product call us at409-547-3433.


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