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Tidbit Tuesday- Dirt in the driveway

Over the years I have spoken to numerous customers who have said that they have put dirt in the driveway and all it does is wash away. Here is what I try to tell them. Dirt is good to put in driveways. But you don't want to just put dirt down. The dirt is there to fill in holes and build a base for the road material you want to put on it. There are different kind of roadbases that you can put on it. There are also products like #57 rock that you can put on it. The #57 is a three quarter to one inch rock. This is the final products for you drive. Dirt is just the beginning to shaping the driveway.

Last tidbit. It is not 100% guaranteed that the rock will stay. Everybody's land is different. If your driveway is on a hill and water is going to continue to wash over it, your driveway will probably have washouts if you do not divert that water in some way. Wing ditches and culverts are a couple of ways to divert the water.

tidbit tuesday


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