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Tidbit Tuesday-Materials For Your Driveway Part 1

materials for driveway

Let's talk driveway material. Everyone wants a pretty driveway, right? Well I'm going to go through a series for the month of August going through some of the material we can use to put on your road. The ups and downs of each of them and some pictures of the product.

The first two I want to talk about is slag and crushed concrete base. Each of them are actually good products. Each of them have their down falls though.


Slag Driveway
slag on a driveway

The first is slag. Slag is actually metal. Some may know that and some may not. If you are a welder, or anyone that has worked in a shop at all, you are probably rolling your eyes. You are thinking that everyone should know this. Well, you will be surprised.

So, yes, slag is a biproduct of metal. It makes for an excellent driveway. It packs down very well. It almost looks like asphalt when compacted down. Out of slag and crushed concrete, slag is definitely my favorite. It is the one I would tell people about more if they asked for my opinion.

There are two downfalls to slag. One is the fact that it comes out of the metal mill. Most of the time it comes out of Rose city in our area. The mill will shut down at times because of equipment malfunction. So If this is the product you would want, we will call to make sure that there is no wait time for it. The only other downfall to slag is that it is a heavier product. With it being heavier, we can not haul you as much in one load. We can only haul 10 yards instead of 12.

crushed concrete base
crushed concrete base

The next product is crushed concrete base. Crushed concrete is just what it says. It is concrete repurposed into a roadbase. Crushed concrete is a popular product among many of our customers. I do get questioned a lot on rather we carry it or not. And we do. To me it looks like an of grey limestone road base. It is off white greyish in color and does compact very well.

The only reason I would not push this product a little more is because of the fact it is repurposed concrete. If you have messed with concrete before then you know when the process of pouring concrete. There is metal, aka rebar, to help set the concrete. I have had several people say they don't like crushed concrete because of tire issues. It does not occur all of the time, but there are instances of rebar being left in the product. Then the product gets left on your drive. Then you drive over it.

Overall, just like anything else you get to weigh out what you want to pay and what you want to do deal with when it comes to products. Should you call us for a quote on a driveway we will be honest and give you our suggestions. We can quote you a driveway and give you options on different material. This is so that you can compare the prices and narrow down what you want.


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