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Tidbit Tuesday-How Much Will This Cost

I have spoken on this subject before. The subject of how much dirt you will need for a new house or driveway. How much will this cost? People get really disappointed at the price of a project. Lets say they buy a raw piece of property at a good price. They step onto the journey of preparing to build their dream home or driveway. They have an idea in their mind of what it will cost. They do the research of what a typical driveway cost or a dirt pad. They know this is the amount of money I need.

They don't take all factors into consideration. If it is raw land that means there is clearing that needs to be done. After the clearing is done what is the grade of the land, though. Is it on a hill. If it is that means that dirt is definitely need to be moved or brought in to make it level. If it's low land you need to build it up so that it doesn't flood.

Even if there is not a drastic hill that does not mean it is level. Recently we put a house in. It was raw land that my husband had to clear. I still was not prepared for the amount of dirt that it took after the land was cleared. With every extra load of dirt means extra time of machine to spread and compact the dirt down. To get this right you can't just drop the dirt and slightly spread it. For a good foundation you need to spread it and compact it in lifts.

I really do feel bad for young or older couples and individuals who get excited about building their dream property. They get financed for a certain amount of money, but do not take every possible scenario into consideration. Don't get me wrong sometimes it is an easy and cheaper project. I have found in quoting projects that you have some property that is already prepared. Then you have those that are definitely not.

At Kirkpatrick Construction we are honest with you from the beginning. If we can not give you that turn key cost that everyone is looking for, we will give what I like to call a worse case scenario. If it is raw land and we can not tell you the cost because you can not tell from trees and brush, we will tell you to be prepared. We definitely don't want to get in a situation where you think it is one price, when there is a possibility it will take more dirt. When the fact is we can not please every single person that comes across, I can guarantee that we will go above and beyond to be honest, fair, and give you the good quality work that you deserve.

Dump truck Hauling for Dirt Pad


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